International Association of Sedimentologists

The International Association of Sedimentologists was founded at the International Geological Congress in Algiers on 11 September 1952, to promote the study of Sedimentology by:

  • publication, discussion and comparison of research results,
  • encouraging the interchange of research, particularly where international cooperation is desirable,
  • promoting integration with other disciplines.

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IAS membership is open to everybody and includes the following benefits:

  • access to the online versions of Sedimentology and Basin Research, including all issues ever published;
  • members can subscribe to receive also the printed versions of Sedimentology and Basin Research, at very favourable rates;
  • access to the IAS Members Directory;
  • the Friendship Scheme which gives free membership to people in less-developed countries;
  • the electronic newsletter;
  • a network of National Correspondents, which report on the activities in their countries;
  • International Sedimentological Congress every four years at reduced fees;
  • annual Regional Meeting and meetings sponsored by the IAS at reduced fees;
  • special lecturer tours allowing sedimentology groups to invite a well-known teacher to give talks and short courses in their country;
  • travel grants for PhD student members to attend IAS sponsored meetings;
  • research grants of max 1.000 Euros for PhD student members;
  • institutional grants of max. 10.000 Euros for capacity building in 'Least Developed Countries' (LDC);
  • biannual Summer Schools focused on cutting edge topics for PhD student members.

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The journals SEDIMENTOLOGY and THE DEPOSITIONAL RECORD are the official scientific publications of the IAS. The association is also involved in other journals and publishes Special Publications from time to time. The newsletter (bimonthly) keeps the members informed.


International Sedimentological Congresses (ISC) are held every four years. Regional and Thematic Meetings (International Meetings of Sedimentology, Summer Schools, Lecture Tours) are held between ISC's. The IAS does not organise conferences by itself, but acts as a sponsor.

Grants & sponsorship

To promote the study of Sedimentology, the IAS offers PhD students in the field of Sedimentology 2 types of grants: postgraduate research grants (PGS) and travel grants. Sedimentology researchers in least developed countries can apply for an institutional grants (IIGS).

National Correspondents

Each country with more than five members or countries decided by the Bureau has a National Correspondent. They inform the IAS of sedimentological activities and assist in obtaining members within their particular country. Together National Correspondents in more than 50 different countries currently form a strong global sedimentological network.