Common Questions

I would like to use copyrighted material from IAS Special Publications. Is this possible?
Yes, as long you agree with certain terms and conditions. You can use our dedicated Request for Permission form for this.
I want to recover my forgotten password but I have no access to my registered IAS login email. What should I do?
Please contact the IAS through the contact form. We will assist you to find the best solution.
Am I required to fill out a complete profile as an IAS member?

Not at all. The IAS highly values your privacy.

However, if you enter information about yourself and your research in the personal details section and you allow to be listed in the Members Directory, this might lead to new opportunities based on shared interests. Other members might be interested to work together with you and can contact you to set up new projects, write articles,...

Please note that the email address you registered with, is never exposed to third parties. If you want to be contacted by email, you should enter an email address in your personal contact details.

I'm no longer active member of the IAS. Can others still see my personal details in the Members Directory?
No. The moment your membership expires, you are no longer listed.