The IAS was founded to promote the study of Sedimentology and integration with other disciplines, encouraging the interchange of research, particularly where international cooperation is desirable (as stated in the IAS statutes). To achieve this goal, the IAS is always willing to support anyone who is actively involved with Sedimentology.

The IAS contributes to the promotion of Sedimentology by offering several types of support to its members:

  • Information communicated through the IAS web site, the ENIAS email newsletter and social networks:
    • Announcement of new articles, journals and books
    • Announcement of Sedimentology related conferences and events
    • Sedimentology themed news
    • Job offers
  • Connecting fellow Sedimentologists:
    • Through a wide network of National Correspondents
    • The IAS Members Directory
  • Financial support for students:
    • Postgraduate Grant Scheme
    • Travel Grants for IAS sponsored conferences
  • Financial support for IAS Conference organisers
  • Financial support for Sedimentology related conferences
  • Financial support for Developing Countries (Institutional IAS Grant Scheme)

If you are interested in obtaining support from the IAS, please contact the IAS Office of the Treasurer through the contact page.