The following are the amended Statutes as adopted at the meeting of the International Geological Congress in Algiers on 11 September 1952, and revised at the meeting of the I.A.S. General Assembly held in Amsterdam on 30 May 1963, in Reading on 11 August 1967, in Heidelberg on 2 September 1971, in Nice on 8 July 1975, in Jerusalem on 10 July 1978, in Hamilton on 26 August 1982, in Canberra on 27 August 1986 and by postal ballot in autumn 1990.

  1. The Association is called: the INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF SEDIMENTOLOGISTS. The Association was founded at the International Geological Congress in Algiers on 11 September 1952.
  2. The objectives of the Association are to promote the study of Sedimentology by:

    1. publication, discussion and comparison of research results,
    2. encouraging the interchange of research, particularly where international cooperation is desirable,
    3. promoting integration with other disciplines.

  3. The Association distinguishes Members, student Members, friendship scheme Members and honorary Members.
  4. The organs of the Association shall be the Bureau and the Council. The Bureau shall conduct the business of the Association. The Council shall approve all important matters of policy.
  5. The Articles of the Statutes may be changed by postal ballot of the Members. Proposals for a change may be made by the Bureau or by a group of at least 50 signed Members. Approval requires a majority of at least two thirds of Members who vote.
  6. Within the framework of the Statutes, the Council shall have the power to adopt Bye-laws.