Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my password, but I recall the email address I have registered with.
Go to the page with the password recovery tool, enter your email address and your password should be sent to you. If you receive no email from the IAS, be sure to check your spam filter. If this solution fails, contact the IAS through the support page (see below).
I forgot the email address I registered with.
Contact the IAS through the support page. The Office Of The Treasurer administration will send you your login credentials as soon as possible. Please provide as much information as possible so we can easily identify you.
Where do I find my IAS member id?
As from 2010 onwards, the IAS no longer uses member id's to identify its members. For various reasons, the IAS now relies solely on e-mail addresses to uniquely identify a member.
Am I required to fill out a complete profile?
No. However, if you enter information about yourself and your research, this might lead to new opportunities based on shared interests. Other members might be interested to work together with you and can contact you to set up new projects, write articles,... Please note that all profile information you enter is entirely optional, except your name and nationality. The email address you registered with, remains invisible to others, so you can enter a different another one in your profile for contact.
Is it possible to have a deceased member removed from the system?
Not entirely. The IAS needs to retain membership information for reference purposes. If the subscription is not renewed, the account becomes automatically inactive. When the deceased member is referenced, a dagger mark (†) will be added to his/her name. Death of a member should be reported via the contact form.
Credit card payment stops with code "unknown order/1/r/" or "An error has occurred..."
When you see one of these error codes, it means that the credit card processing company does not recognise the transaction request as a valid and safe request. Please make sure first that you are not using the https protocol on the 'pay dues' page and have not enabled any form of anonymous browsing. You can also try using a different browser. Most probably, however, the cause lies with your internet provider, who hides your browsing activities in one way or another (through a proxy server, a firewall,...). As a consequence, this makes it impossible for the payment processor to reliably identify you and to securely process your payment, therefore refusing the transaction. A possible solution is to use another internet provider; in fact, very few providers are still using proxy servers and the like. If using another provider is impossible you can request a dues statement via the contact page with a motivation why you need the statement.
The IAS wants to apologise for any inconvenience that occurs, but hopes you understand credit card payment security is one of its main concerns.
Credit card payment is not accepted
Upon finishing the subscribing wizard, the IAS website can display a message that your payment was not accepted by the payment processor. This means that there was a problem detected with your credit card by the payment processor. Either there were not enough funds to back your credit card or the result of the provided credit card details was unsure and as a consequence unsafe to validate. If this happens, please check with your credit card company. If you are unable to resolve the problem, you can request a dues statement from the IAS which will allow you to pay through a bank transfer. Use the contact form for this. Please note that a dues statement is an alternative only if all else fails.
Invoice / Receipts
The IAS has no VAT identification number and as a consequence does not produce invoices. However, you can always download a digital receipt with subscription details from your member profile.
Alternative payments
The IAS only accepts payments by credit card as this payment method tightly fits into an automated subscription system. In the case it is absolutely impossible for you to use this payment method, you can request a dues statement form from the IAS Office of the Treasurer through the contact page. The dues statement form allows you to use other payment methods like bank transfer. Please include a short motivation why you need this alternative payment method.
The IAS does not provide refunds except in the case an error occurred in the IAS subscription system. Please note that you will need official proof (like credit card statements, bank receipts,...) to back your claim.
Fraud claims
In the case you think you encountered fraud, you may contact the IAS to help you solve the issue. Please note that the IAS does not process payments itself, and as a consequence has little means to solve problems like this. It is always strongly suggested to contact your credit card company or bank, as they are in the best position to help you out.
I'm not able to upload a profile picture or document
You probably reached this section by clicking on a link called "Requires HTML5 browser". This indicates that the website has detected you are using an older browser that does not supports HTML5 (i.c. HTML5 based file uploads).
The IAS website is tested and supported on any fairly recent browser on most popular platforms, but does not support older (non-HTML5) browsers as these are likely to disappear in the near future and are known to have issues, of which security is one of the most important.
The IAS apologises for this inconvenience and suggests you try another browser if possible. Also note that mobile devices currently have different implementations, so results may vary.
How do I contribute to the IAS web site as a National Correspondent?
As an IAS National Correspondent (assigned by the IAS bureau), you will find an additional entry in your profile.
This contains two buttons. The first is to provide general information. This requires an email address which is not revealed on the internet, but used for subscribing IAS members (only!) to contact you (through the member profile). Ideally, this is a generic address and different from the address you use to sign in on the IAS web site. Furthermore, there is a text area which serves to provide general information about sedimentology in the country you represent. You can also provide additional contact details here, but be aware this information is visible to the public, so be cautious here if you are concerned about your privacy. Also, this is not intended for your personal CV, but the primary place to provide information about sedimentology related organisations and activities in your country.
The second button is for posting sedimentology related news originating from your country. Most likely, this will be about upcoming conferences, job offers, new publications etc. The posts will be displayed for one year. You can manage (create, update, delete) all posts from your profile.

Note: If you are not able to post a message (nothing happens after clicking the SAVE button), please make sure you have provided at least some minimal information about yourself (click the Information button).