Papers dealing with every aspect of sediments and sedimentary rocks are considered for publication in Sedimentology. Original Research Articles can be of any length and will be evaluated using defined criteria. Papers that tend to be shorter, for example because they are methodological, highly theoretical or simply more succinct will be treated in the same way as longer papers. Authors who have exceptionally current or provocative findings to report may ask the editors to fast-track their submission. Articles of this type should be relatively short (normally less than 5000 words) and the authors must make a convincing case that the community urgently needs to see their work.

State of the Science papers provide an authoritative critical synthesis of an important topic in sedimentology and have three components: (1) a commanding review that explains the broad importance of the topic and how key ideas, evidence and arguments have developed; (2) a critical account of the current state of this science – its strengths and weaknesses; (3) an innovative perspective on the topic's future trajectory that lays out the main challenges and provides insights (possibly supported by new data, meta-analysis or modelling) into how those challenges might be overcome. The style may be more idiosyncratic and contentious than would normally be found in a research article. Proposals for this type of paper are welcomed, but approval should be received from the Chief Editors before any work is undertaken.

Discussions of previously published papers, and associated Replies, should be brief, respectful and must address non-trivial issues. They should have merit in their own right and present evidence-based scientific arguments that add new understanding.

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