Adopted by the General Assembly on 30 May 1963 and revised by the General Assembly on 11 August 1967, 8 July 1975, 10 July 1978, 26 August 1982, on 27 August 1986 and in autumn 1990.

    1. The Bureau of the Association shall meet at least once a year. It shall consist of the President, the Past President, the Vice-President, the General Secretary, the Treasurer, the Editors and the Publications Secretary. The President shall be the executive officer of the Association. The General Secretary shall administer the affairs of the Association in accordance with decisions of the Bureau and the Council. He/she shall manage the routine business, conduct correspondence, and preserve the records in accordance with the Statutes and Bye-Laws of the Association. The Treasurer shall keep the accounts, have charge of the funds of the Association and expend them in accordance with the decisions of the Bureau and/or the Council.
    2. The Council of the Association shall consist of the Bureau and six other members. No two other Members may come from the same country. The President and the General Secretary shall be respectively the Chairman and the Secretary of the Council.
    3. The Members of the Association shall elect by postal ballot the Members of the Bureau and the Council. The Bureau will prepare a list of nominations for membership of the Bureau and Council which shall be published in the Newsletter of the Association by spring of the year before the International Sedimentological Congress. Members of the Association may propose alternative lists of nominations to the General Secretary by September 30th of the year before the International Sedimentological Congress, provided any such list is supported by at least 50 signatures of Members and has the written agreement of the nominees.
    4. The Bureau and Council Members shall hold office for one period which comprises the interval between two International Sedimentological Congresses. All Bureau and Council Members, except the President, may be re-elected for a second period. If the office of the General Secretary, Treasurer, Editor(s), or Publications Secretary becomes vacant between two Congresses, an acting General Secretary, Treasurer, Editor(s), Publications Secretary shall be appointed by the President to serve until the next Congress. If the office of the President becomes vacant, an acting President shall be appointed by the Council.
    1. The subscription dues of Members and junior Members shall be established by the Bureau.
    2. The accounts of the Association shall be audited annually by a firm of professional accountants, selected by the Bureau.
    3. The accounting year shall be from 1 July to 30 June of the next year. The audited accounts will be published annually in the Newsletter. Following each International Sedimentological Congress, the four yearly combined accounts will be published in the journal.
    1. The journal SEDIMENTOLOGY shall be the scientific publication of the International Association of Sedimentologists. It is edited by the Editors assisted by an Editorial Board appointed by the Editors in consultation with the Bureau. The content of the journal will be determined by the Editors within the policy laid down by the Bureau. Articles should be written in English.
    2. Special Publications shall be published from time to time. They are the responsibility of the Publications Secretary. The Bureau has the final decision on publication.
    3. A Newsletter shall inform Members about the activities of the Association, sedimentological activities in different countries and about future meetings. It is edited by the General Secretary.
    1. The membership is open to everybody. It is acquired by completing a membership form and paying the membership dues.
    2. An annual dues statement shall be distributed to Members in October. Members will not receive the journal for any year before their dues have been received.
    1. Each country with more than five Members or countries decided by the Bureau will have a National Correspondent, appointed by the President after recommendation by the Bureau in consultations with the country's sedimentological group, where existing. National Correspondents must be paid- up Members of the Association. They will inform the General Secretary of sedimentological activities and assist in obtaining Members within their particular country. The term National Correspondents will terminate at each International Congress and normally they will be eligible for reappointment for one additional period of office only.
    1. International Sedimentological Congresses shall normally be held every four years. Formal invitations to host a future Congress must reach the Bureau at least 6 months before the preceding Congress. The Bureau shall determine the venue for each Congress.
    2. Regional and Thematic Meetings may be held between International Congresses, the timing and location to be determined by the Bureau.
    3. The Association does not itself organise or take financial responsibility for Congresses and Meetings. It acts as a sponsor, providing such funds as the Bureau shall decide.
    4. A General Assembly of the Association shall be held during each International Sedimentological Congress. The Bureau shall prepare the agenda for the General assembly. All suggestions for the agenda of the General Assembly must reach the General Secretary of the Association at least three months before the date of the meeting. However, a question which has not been placed on the agenda may be discussed if a proposal to that effect is approved by two-thirds of the votes of the Members present at the General Assembly.
    5. Either the President or a Vice-President shall be elected from the country in which the next Congress is to be held.
    1. The official language of the Association shall be English.
    2. The award to scientists of eminent distinction in sedimentology is the Sorby Medal. The award will be made by the Council on recommendation by the Bureau who may invite nominations from Members. It will normally be presented at the International Sedimentological Congress.
    3. Honorary Membership will be awarded to those Members who have given outstanding service to the Association. Membership will be awarded by the Council in recommendation by the Bureau.