IAS Booths

At selected meetings — generally where the society takes an active part as a sponsor — and its own meetings, IAS is represented with its IAS Booth. It is the result of IAS's intention to intensify its presence at the occasion of a few large geology meetings every year (e.g. EGU).

The IAS booth is permanently staffed by the secretary of Office of the Treasurer and often is a place where IAS members meet. It showcases PR material for Sedimentology, Special Publications, upcoming international conferences and regional meetings and more. The booth is also equipped with a TV screen displaying a loop of IAS membership benefits and upcoming conference announcements.

The booth usually enjoys a lot of interest from conference delegates. Most IAS members attending the hosting conference try to visit the IAS booth at least once during their stay and other delegates with a sedimentary geology background also often find their way to the booth, frequently resulting in new IAS memberships (which can be completed on-site).

The IAS Booth is also the place where PhD students who were awarded a travel grant for the hosting meeting, can come and pick up their travel grant money in cash. Members can always get personal help for issues with their membership, questions, requests,...