The Depositional Record

    About The Depositional Record

    The journal will emphasize the application of sedimentary processes to the study of paleoclimate, changes of the chemical environment throughout deep time (such as changes in the composition of seawater oxygen isotopic composition and Mg/Ca ratios, ocean acidification etc.), modern studies on ocean acidification, extraterrestrial sedimentology, application of genetic methods to understanding sedimentological processes, such as using genetic probes to understand processes, interaction between the biological and geological systems such as calcification in carbonate secreting organisms, the role of microbes in the formation of carbonate minerals, the use of novel geochemical methods such as clumped isotopes, the application of non-mass dependent fractionation of systems involving more than two stable isotopes, as well as normal sedimentary processes.

    The journal will cover all time scales from the Modern to the Ancient Earth. Hence we would include experimental studies on modern organisms and sedimentary systems as well as the application of such results to the oldest sediments on Earth and periods in between.

    The journal will be overseen by a team of four experienced editors, Peter Swart, Paul Carling, Adrian Immenhauser, and Jim Klaus, the intended themes for the new journal (Geochemistry, Geobiology, and Sedimentology).

    The Depositional Record is the Open Access Journal of the IAS and each article is made available under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. It is edited by Peter Swart, Paul Carling, Adrian Immenhauser, James S. Klaus, Sam Purkis, Matthieu Cartigny, Tracy Frank and Elias Samankassou.