About Sedimentology

    The international leader in its field, Sedimentology (Wiley, ISSN 0037-0746 | eISSN 1365-3091) publishes ground-breaking research from across the spectrum of sedimentology, sedimentary geology and sedimentary geochemistry. It is the journal of the International Association of Sedimentologists and is edited by Nigel Mountney and Peir Pufahl.

    Areas covered include: experimental and theoretical grain transport, sediment fluxes, modern and ancient sedimentary environments,sequence stratigraphy, sediment-organism interaction, palaeosoils, diagenesis, stable isotope geochemistry, environmental sedimentology.

    The Sedimentology academic Impact Factor (IF) is one of the highest for sedimentological journals. Currently, Sedimentology is distributed to over 3,500 universities and research laboratories worldwide.

    Access to the complete electronic journal archive comes free with each IAS subscription. Subscribers also have the option to order the printed journal at minimal cost.