About IAS Books

    Special Publications is a book series of thematic volumes edited by specialists on subjects of central interest to sedimentologists. Papers are reviewed and printed to the same high standards as those published in Sedimentology and several of these volumes have become standard works of reference. Many IAS Special Publications have arisen from symposia, specialist meetings or workshops and are published in full colour, both in print and online at no charge to authors.

    The Reprint Series provides collections of related papers published over several years in Sedimentology. The scope of each volume is further widened by the inclusion of abstracts to other papers and a state-of-the-art review of the subject by the editors. Recent books include topics as diverse as tectonics and sedimentation, the accumulation and diagenesis of carbonate deposits, continental sedimentary environments, sequence stratigraphy, tidal deposits and cyclic sedimentary sequences.

    The Field Guides are pocket-size volumes containing practical field information for individuals and groups visiting areas in the World that provide excellent examples of sedimentary strata. They are essential for new visitors to classical areas of sedimentological significance. The guides are written to appeal to all levels, from keen amateurs, through undergraduate students, to academics and other professional earth scientists. Individual localities and the features that they demonstrate are clearly described. Emphasis is placed on the field aspects of sedimentology, including geomorphology, clastic and carbonate facies, cycles and sequences, and sedimentation, tectonics and basin development. Other related aspects of the regional geology such as basement history and mineral deposits are also covered.